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It really is simple - our products are engineered to the highest standards. We do not "voice" our amplifiers. They have to be technically competent units. 

There is no excuse for high distortion, even if it is mainly due to the "ear friendly" second harmonic. 

We believe in high damping factor - an amplifier needs to control speakers all the time, not only when it's pumping power but also when speaker inductance kicks-back.

Our amplifiers must play all kinds of music equally well. We listen to classical music, jazz, pop, rock, country.....and we do not want to switch to another amplifier every time our mood changes. Neither do you, we believe.

And yet, you will recognize that it is the tube sound, after all. If it wasn't so, why would we use technically inferior tubes instead of advanced semiconductors?

Tubes do not last forever, but that is not a reason to further shorten their life by pushing them beyond design limits. In other words - we do not make 20W amplifiers with one pair of EL84, nor 60W amps with EL34 and so on. 

Even though all tubes eventually fail, the rest should perform flawlessly for years and years. That's reliability.

Our products are not only designed by experienced engineers, they are also assembled and tested by engineers and technicians who are audiophiles themselves and take pride in what they do. We do not use unskilled, low paid labor for whom the highlight of the day is punching out at the end of a day.

And we are not as grumpy as this text may convey. We are happy to hear from you and enjoy contacts with our customers. So, go ahead, shoot us an email and let us hear your opinion!









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