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phono-1 mkII

High End Phono Preamplifier

Wide adjustment rage suitable for MM and MC cartridges

Direct Coupling

(no capacitors in the signal path)

0.07dB RIAA tracking

<0.005% THD

Class A operation

Bandwidth: 10Hz-50kHz

Input impedance:

Adjustable: 20 ohm – 47 kohm


Adjustable: 40-70dB

Gain and loading tailored to a specific cartridge at no extra charge

Passive RIAA compensation

Active offset Cancellation

Gold plated PCB

Steel case for EMI shielding











phono-1 mkII is a logical next step in the evolution of this miniature, versatile high quality phono preamplifier. Based on the same topology as the original phono-1, with all the additional modifications of the phono-1+, the mkII version offers increased flexibility and improved performance with MC cartridges.

Phono-1 Mk II   

The amplifier comes optimized for end user’s cartridge. Should critical parameters (load and gain) ever need to change, the process is as simple as removing four screws and inserting appropriate resistors into sockets. Resistors that optimize operation for different cartridges are supplied with the preamplifier. Instructions on load and gain optimization are available here.  Examples of optimum settings for our customers' cartridges are listed here.

Phono-1 Mk II

 PFO Writers Choice Award 2011









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